About Me

You can call me El. (yep, like in Stranger things !). I decided to define myself as a @IICollegeDropoutII but to throw a positive shade on it. Yes, I am a college dropout but I know how to speak three languages, I read books a lot, I travel a lot, I was able to find my first job abroad in less than one month after quitting college and I now live away from home, without the need of being financed by my parents at all (even though I will forever grateful to them for all that they did for me, and for their support during this transition that was not easy for me or for them.) Now am I living my best life ? Not quite. Do I want to improve and get better ? Definitely. This is why I am going to keep this blog, to hold me accountable and to gather all the knowledge I find in books, travels, during my job. Anything really, and by doing that I want to help me first but I also want to help you seeing that there are so much more out there. You can get education if out of college, if you really want to, if you are ready to look. You can also still go to college (If you want to be doctor or lawyer, you will have to go anyway) but there is so much already available to you outside of this golden castle that this college. I hope my blog can give me some insight and clarity, and in consequence giving you the same.

Wishing you the best of luck.