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Weekly Review

After my read of Good Morning, Good life, I am deciding to implement a weekly review to my year to help me keeping track of my goal. I will do it here every Sunday, and feel free to join me and to take the same steps or some of the steps and to improve your life along the way.

1) Checking on my goals

I want to read 50 books: I read one book this week, there are 52 weeks in a year, so I would say it is a good start.

I want to learn korean and be able to have a conversation by the end of the year: I bought an application called Lingodeer and I used it every day this week (yeaah)

Save at least 800 euros/month : N/A as I am getting paid at the end of the month and that I use what I have to live right now.

Do sport regularly: Did Blogilates (just search it on Youtube) pretty constantly this week and in top of that, I did something really excited today !! I learned a k-pop choreography, to be more precise Lion by (G)-IDLE, and it made me so happy !! I used to do it in top of my dance lessons when I was young, then stopped dancing and stopped learning choreos. But I am definitely going to add that to my routine like once a week.

Write in this blog every day: I have been writting everyday since the 1st of January

2) Reflect on previous appointments

This week I went to a birthday party and went grab coffee with my ex roomates. Well, you can refer to Am I boring article here: to know what the latter made me think about. However, it was great to see my ex-roomate again, we were getting along so well when we lived together. As for the birthday party, even if I love the girl, I am questionning my loving of parties, clubbing, drinking, and so on. I would so much rather have a meaningful conversation one on one around a coffee or a drink with the person whose birthday it is than to have a big party where you barely get a chance to talk to said person. So I think next time, I will just ask for it and decline politely the party. Also, I can feel that 2020 will definitely be a low party year.

3) Wins of the week

I already mention them below, but I guess this step is really important when you do not stick to your goals, you know, get yourself to still find some positivity

  • I read my first book of the year, 49 more to go
  • I made effort to learn korean
  • I did pilates every day
  • I learned an entire choreo in three hours (not sure I remember the choreo, but I can follow along ^^)
  • I wrote here every day

4) What I need to do post accomplishment

One thing for sure is introducing, this session of dance into my life. I might join a class or something. For the rest, I must stay focused and tried to maintain that rythm as much as possible

5) What is not working

I have a hard time staying focus while learning Korean, if something is difficult, I tend to go around it. For example, I am learning numbers right now, and they have two systems to count !! It is insane, you have to learn to count twice. I have take it so slowly since two days because of that hidding behind the excuse that if I do 5 minutes, it is better than nothing. Even if that is true, for anything, 5 minutes of something will always beat 0 minutes of doing anything, I need to push myself and focus. I need to come up with something to concentrate. Also the fact that I do it every day after work is pretty tiring. I have those lessons every 2 weeks for two hours on Saturday. I might push the schedule around to do korean only 2/3 times a week, but longer instead of every day. I am going to try that next week see how it works.

The blog is okay for now, but since I am writting after work again…if I decide to go out makes me kind of go lazy on the blog part. I need to figure out where I can plan ahead my blog post so they can be publish at specific dates and time bash that when my brain is actually working at 100% and not 40 like now. (I swear after I learn that choreo, and did sport, I spent my day binge watching You on Netflix, not the most productive day either, but here I am trying to make things right for next week)

5) Wish list

Ok, let me explain the principle of this one. You need to establish everything “you wish you were doing” and if you find yourself repeating it, it is time to ask yourself if you really want to do that, if the answer is yes, then find a time to do it, make it work. (morning routine are great to do that by the way, just sayin’, I wish I had even more time in the morning but that is not possible…one must sleep.(Ha, this is a perfect example, I wish for it, but I know it is impossible because my morning are already jam packed with things I want to do, so I let go of this idea). I hope you understood the concept with my maybe not so clear explanation.

This week is easy….I wish I was working more at being a better conversationalist

I wish I could be better at making new friends

I wish I would eat more healthy

I wish I would stop being food at work (it is so convenient though)

Oh yeah, I forgot, after establishing the list, if you decide it is something you really want to do…then plan a small actions that will bring you closer to that. So, for example, in my case this week, I am going to find podcast about “how to talk to people”, and also article. If you do a small step, and consider that is not for you after all, you can always give up. At least, you tried.

Upcoming appointment

This week I have my korean lesson on Saturday, already scheduled and I am doing a language exchange tomorrow. That’s it.


Based on everything I wrote, I need to change some small things in my schedule. Personnally I have a planner and a Google calendar.

And this is how I make my weekly review. It is really personal and you can decide to do one third of those steps or more steps. The important thing here is to take a moment for yourself to reflect. I think it is especially important for goal keeping, seeing and reviewing goals each week maximise the chances to actually stick with them. Do you have a weekly review process ? How do you do it ? Feel free to comment below.

Blogilates youtube channel:

G-(IDLE)-LION : (aka the choreo I learned)

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