My 2020 Goals

This post will not be long, I realised I did not do much here after moving to Ireland, and I definitely want to change that even if I am the only one to read this blog, I think it will be good to keep track of everything that happened. And so much happened in 2019 : I dropped out of college; I got a job in Ireland, I moved in Ireland, I have met a bunch of new people but learn not to get to attach as everyone seems to come and go in this country; especially foreigners, I went to South Korea, I moved position in less than 9 months in said job. All those things are big win for me and I wish I had documented about it, but we cannot change the past so the only thing I can do is moving forward and set some goals for the new year as to not have any regret. So here it is:

BIG SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based) GOALS

  • Challenge myself to read 50 books (They can be hard cover, audible, PDF…as long as I absord content or I am able to escape in a new world, I am good.)
  • Keep learning Korean (I have a real basic level, like I know the alphabet, it would be good to be able to maintain a small conversation at the end of the year.)
  • Save a lot (my goal would be to save 800 euros/month would be perfect, let’s see if I can make it.)
  • Do sport regularly and not stop in the middle of the year or right after summer (it happened so many times before …)
  • Write here everyday

To be clear those five goals are the goal I am trying to keep for the whole year, and are the only goal I gave myself the mission to accomplish. The next goals will be the cherry or cherries on top of the cake, but I am not going to put a date on it, I am not going to stress myself out if I do not realise them. I might make them a priority in 2021 or decide that they were not that worthy in the first place. Here is my list of…

Extra (not so SMART) Goals

  1. Schedule appointment with several doctors (dentist/ophtalmologist/dermatologist…you name it ! Moreover, I need to do my first ever IST screening and hopefully my last, 2019 will have teach me that as well. By the way 2020 will also be a year without boys. I already quit all dating apps I used. Of course, if I do meet someone like in real like as our parents did once, and we get along together pretty well, I will take a shoot at that relationship, but without that, that’s no-no in 2020.
  2. Visit Friends (Monika, Mackenzie, Marine…yeah, all my friends have a name starting with M, those are friends that do not live in Belgium nor in Ireland and going to visit them, actually means multiple travels to far and not so far distance so we will see how this turns out.)
  3. Work on my time management.
  4. Find affirmations and write them everyday (already started on this one)
  5. Go on adventures, go out and be opened to new experiences (it is large and vast, but it just to tell me to go out more, not stay at home every day)

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