Hello, I am El, and I recently decided to quit college. It might not be for good, but for a little time I’ll be away from teacher, mid-terms, final terms, classrooms, old buildings that are almost falling down, new buildings not conceived with the best interest of students at heart, and defective vending machines. More seriously, I’m quitting college, hence the name of the blog, for one solid reason: I do not like my major.

I was an undergrad for 4 years instead of three (this was already a bummer), but I cope with it because I was persuaded that it was the right path for me, and also it is the only path for being a conference interpreter. I mean for real if you want to play in the big league (Basically for the EU or the UN), you have to have a degree, period. However as I began my first semester this year, still full of hope, I had slowly but surely a weird sensation. I just turned it off. I know it was difficult as it should have been so I convinced myself that I could tolerate it. I finished the first semester, then exams came along, I failed both of my interpretation exam. Obviously, this sucked, I did everything not to cry in front of my teachers (been there, done that already, do not want to do it again) as they were giving me feedback. However, as soon as I left, I cried my heart out. After that, I said to my parents that I failed and given their answers (“You will have a second chance” or “really ?”), they must have thought it was nothing, just a part of something bigger. BUT no I had failed two interpretation exams and I had my eye on an interpretation degree. Still did my other exams, suceeded everything there. Therefore, I went on holiday saying to myself that the second semester will be different, and that I will work harder.

Nonetheless, after the few first weeks of school, I was depressed. When others were getting exciting to get to the booth, I had no emotion whatsoever toward it. While people were raising their hands to do a consecutive interpretation, I sat there listening wondering what I was doing there. Those studies are no joke, even people who are higly motivated may fail so I did not know how I was going to continue with zero motivation.

Thus the reason behind my decision, I decided to quit college to find out what the world has to offer, I’m already looking at another degree so I might be back in school sooner than expected. However, in the meantime, I will share my journey here. This journey will include lessons that I’ve taken, book that I’ve read, the race to employement, and also maybe some travel, who knows?

I hope this blog will develop at the same time of my journey. Nothing serious, just pure fun, and it might perhaps become a source of inspiration for those who like me are thinking about quitting college and do not know what they will do with their life afterwards.

So shall I begin to write the story of my possible future success as a college dropout?

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